Life is Short, Talk With Your Mouth Full

The Crew


Amber aka Elliface

QA Analyst, Cosplayer, Video Producer and Editor, Philly Obsessionist, Hotel Room DJ, Vlogger, Twitch Affiliate Streamer, D&D Advocate, Internet Person, Knower of Many Things.

Tim aka Kevin_Spicy

He was born in a fairly rich family in an important city. He lived in peace until he was about 15 years old. One serendipitous afternoon he caught an episode of the educational, yet whimsical television program Wok With Yan. It was that day that he decided to become a Gastromancer. He built a kitchen out of mud and straw, and began cooking for his friends who were late night gamers, too tired to actually play any games. With the support of these great friends, he ventured out in the astonishing world of cookery.



Brent aka ChefBrent

Twilio Evangelist, Software Developer, Public Speaker, Author, Aspiring YouTube Creator, Twitch Streamer, Gamer, Boosted Board Rider.

On the show, he cooks things. Sometimes he cooks other things.


Lexi kitten

Contrary to the lyric in the new Drake track Gyalchester, takes naps all the time. Serial whiner, crier, shedder, eater of kibble and bits of meat.

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