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Walking Tacos

dinnerAmber Gohn
Walking Tacos

What is a Walking Taco?

The Walking Taco, more commonly known as Frito Pie, is a work of culinary genius that's largely undervalued the 364 days a year in which the Super Bowl is not played. It's a snack-size bag of Fritos or another snack chip, opened up and filled with meats, chili, and appropriate chili and taco toppings. Rumor has it this recipe is the sole reason snack bags are routinely underfilled.


  • Ground meat of some kind. Beef, chicken, chorizo, little bits of tofu... Whatever is tasty and greasy. 1/3 cup per taco (after cooking)
  • Shredded cheese, about 1/4 cup per taco
  • Sliced jalapenos, fresh or pickled
  • Various other taco toppings
  • SNACK SIZE bags of chips. Some of the best options were
    • Cheetos
    • Flamin Hot Cheetos
    • Flamin Hot Lime Cheetos
    • Fritos
    • Chili Cheese Fritos
    • Nacho Cheese Doritos
    • Taco Doritos
    • Jacked Spicy Street Taco Doritos


  1. Cooking and assembly of walking tacos is pretty straight-forward. First, cook down your meat source. You'll want the pieces size to resemble cooked ground beef, regardless of the meat you use.
  2. Open a snack bag and roll back the bag edge slightly. If the chips are bigger like doritos, you may want to crush them slightly
  3. Add 1/3 cup cooked meat to the bag of chips. Stir or shake a bit
  4. Add taco toppings, cheese, jalapenos
  5. Grab a fork and dive in!